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Published on 17 Nov 2020 / In Gaming


After a break I finally found another place that is really worth it. Right now this is the best site I use.

It took me forever to spin to get to $ 100. But I captured the best part live on video!

REMEMBER: Try it at your own risk, you know how it is with these types of sites. Some say they pay and others say they don't (maybe people just don't have the patience to hit the minimum). However, I got paid and I am happy with this site. I see that there are more test screenshots and videos on the internet so they are really legit for now!

In the video you can see how I requested a payment with bitcoin and I can confirm that by the time I upload this video the bitcoins are already in my wallet.

Join this site and test yourself if you don't have an account yet! Use my link please!

When you invite friends, you also get a bonus that is needed to spin the wheel! The more you turn, the more opportunities you will have. Sometimes the gain slows down but recovers after a while!

I also recommend that you disable ADBLOCK (this is what I do at the beginning of the video). I don't know why, but WHEEL WORKS BETTER with adblock disabled (more ads but fewer wheel errors).

I also completed some offers to get more gold needed to spin (8 offers). I realized that after completing my chances of winning also increase!

So my best tactic is to use the referral system (maybe buy some referrals or invite friends / post a link somewhere) and then also fill out offers to get more gold and keep spinning all the time! (and disable adblock)

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